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    Hi All... We've moved to a new ITSM platform. We need to keep our HPSM (9.30) active for archival purposes for many years.

    I'm looking for suggestions or documentation on the best way to do it.

    The database is huge. 10 years of data (still trying to find out if we can purge some older data first).

    The biggest issue is the attachments. because of how HPSM stores them, it seems we must keep the application (and the web client) active as long as the data is needed. Right now we have 3 web servers (linux), application server (unix) with 11 servletts, and the database server (also unix). I'm assuming we can at least pare down to 1 webserver (no lb). If it werent for the attachments, we could just keep the ticket tables (and activity), and offer reporting, but we have a lot of attachments.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hello BethQ,

    We retired our Peregrine ServiceCenter in 2010 to move to HPSM. We shut down the application after a short while, but kept the database running for one year then erased it for good.

    Now we are in progress of retiring HPSM to move to another tool. No plans yet, but I think we'll do the same. The data in SM has almost no value to us, nor do the attachments.
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