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Mass Update Interaction - Field missing from QBE list?

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  • Mass Update Interaction - Field missing from QBE list?

    I added some custom fields to the interaction tickets and I noticed that the custom fields are not in the Mass update list. The template is Template.massupdate(template.massupdate). I'm assuming this the QBE list? I don't remember how to add the custom fields to this list? Do I need to rebuild after being added?

    Ryan Clitty

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    The format Template.massupdate is generated on the fly, based on the file description in the data dictionary. All fields (including the custom ones) should be visible on this form.

    However, you may want to check the Available column in the Data Policy record for incidents file. Fields marked as false in this column don't appear on QBE lists. Not sure about it, but they may also be invisible on automatically generated forms.
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      You were able to get me in the right direction by going into the Data Policy. I had to change the Data type from System to Data. The field now appears in the QBE list. Thanks again!! You saved my team members from manually updating thousands of records!!


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        On a side note it is bringing up a comfil box for that field instead of a text box. Do you know where that would be controlled from? Bottom right shows wizard-template.editValue_link_1(wizard.display.template. editValue) Thanks again


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          Check the "Validations" tab on the Data Policy screen. I think the answer is there. Never played with those values, but a quick look made me think that these fields determine the type of the controls.

          For example, a value in the "Global List" column causes the field to be created as a ListBox, with values from that global list.

          Similarly, values in "Match Field" and "Match Table" columns cause a FillBox to be created and linked to the given field/table.

          If they are all blank a simple TextBox is created.

          Hope this helps.
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            Thanks again for your assistance. I was able to update the data, but I couldn't get the text box to be displayed. Just trying to clean up a lot of tickets right now.