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  • Error message help

    Can someone explain the following message I am getting when trying to export data from Service Center 5.1? And how do I resolve this?

    I am trying to export all the data to a sql db.

    Thank you for the help I am completely new to this platform!
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    if you're new to this platform, you really should not be messing around in the SQL menu. you can completely break a system by doing the wrong thing on that panel.


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      The issue is that we need to get all the data out from this table. The service center installation is not being used by anyone anymore but we are migrating some data.


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        You should shut down SC and start in singleuser mode. Here is the command we use for this:

        nohup scenter -express:12690 -language:allchars &

        This way no background process will start and only the first user that logs on will be accepted. Use a different port that nobody else knows.