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  • SM7.0 knowledge file crawl

    Does anybody know if SM7.0 Knowledge Module can crawl to a Sharepoint document repository site

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    I never tried it, but it is said to work.


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      From the Service Manager help file (I have not tried this, myself):

      Using web crawling on a Sharepoint site

      Note: Add the knowledgebase before you define type information and field definitions. Also, you will need to know the proxy configuration of the site you intend to crawl.
      1. Click Knowledge Management > Manage Knowledgebases.
      2. Type a unique name for the new knowledgebase in the Knowledgebase name field (required).
      3. Type a description for the knowledgebase (optional).
      4. Select weblib in the Type field list.
      5. Click Add.
      6. On the Type information tab, provide the required information.
        Example: URL: http://pdosharepoint/default.aspx
        URL path depth: 2
        Max links to follow: 2
        Proxy Configuration: Type all required information in the text boxes.
      7. Click Save.
      8. On the Field Definitions tab, provide all the required information.
        Field Type: MetaTag
        Field Name: GENERATOR
        Alias: Generator
        Data Type: text
        Hitlist: true
      9. Click Save.
      10. Use the Status tab to initialize and create an index for the Sharepoint site. You can also use the Refresh Status button to monitor the web crawling process.


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        Has web crawling worked for any of you.. after configuring the way explained above?

        I tried configuring the same way for microsoft "Technet" site ... but it is not working?

        If anyone of you has got this working please let me know how you did it..

        Thank You,




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          I tried a internal sharepoint as well but got
          com.verity.api.administration.ConfigurationExcepti on: Read timed out in sm.log

          Will give it another try next week on some other stuff.


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            hi all,

            I still get no joy with web crawl get the above verity error, anyone who has successfully crawled r u willing to share your field and type definitions for a website that works so we can prove it works?