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Get.resources attachments not getting to SC

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  • Get.resources attachments not getting to SC

    Get.Resources 4.2.3
    SC 6.1.3

    Recently, any attachments that are being sent from Get.Resources to SC are not being attached to the ticket. I see the attachments are being saved in the attachment folder on the OAA server. Any ideas on what I should look at to solve the issue.

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    There is a servlet which takes the data from that directory and places them into SC.
    I never had an issue with that servlet and because of so I do not remember if I was
    able to restart it.
    I would start to check:
    - Tomcat processess (did you restart it ?)
    - eventually (probably will not help, but just in case): eventin (too many of them ?)
    - see archway.log but Tomcat logs as well - in case of problem with servlet, there might be something

    To nail down the problem, I suggest:
    - restart Tomcat and SC and see if it help
    - connect your Get.resources to demo db of SC - if it works, then problem is with Get.resources
    - do contrary: connect OOB Get.resources with copy of production SC
    if works - then problem is with Get.resources